Missoula, MT—Urinetown: The Musical? Who came up with that title? The Missoula Community Theatre didn’t come up with the title, but they are confident that urine for a treat! Pun upon pun, song after song, this show may provide the PeeG-13 humor that will chase away your January doldrums and give your abdominal muscles a good workout from laughing!

Director Joseph Martinez urges everyone not to be afraid of the title. He saw the show on Broadway right after it was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and said he loved the “really funny” story and characters. It’s a satire about municipal politics, a water company, and the legal system. The premise is that a corporation is charging people for “The Privilege to Pee,” (which is also the title of one of the opening songs). Scott Koljonen has taken on directing the lively score, while Megan Wiltshire is choreographing.

Martinez raves about the amazing cast and how he is continually impressed at the talent in the Missoula area. He promises the audience will recognize faces not only from recent MCT shows, but from Legally Blonde and The Rocky Horror Show Live.

The irony is not lost on MCT that Urinetown: The Musical is its “Zero Waste” production this season. MCT’s technical director, Theresa Jenson, explained that, “We decided to do one production a year in which we really focus on re-use. Our goal is to produce the set, costumes, props, lighting, and sound for a show using only items that have been used before. As a general practice, we reuse most of what we build anyway, so this isn’t a huge leap, but we really focus our efforts in this direction and help draw attention to the Zero Waste movement within our community.”

The goal is Zero Waste, but the humor will certainly be flowing…you know you gotta go just to see what this is all about!

Urinetown:The Musical will take place at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts, Jan. 19-22 and 25-29. Tickets are available at MCTinc.org; by calling 406-728-7529; or at the MCT Box Office, which is open Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The production is sponsored by Madison Creek Furnishings and TrailWest Bank.

200 North Adams St.
Missoula, MT 59802

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