A Few Pointers On Experian’s Dark Web Scan

In your issue of August/September 2018, page 19 gave some information about the Dark Web and how to look to see if there is information on it about you. Experian is listed as a source to scan and see if the Dark Web does have information on you with the free triple scan.

The exercise is valid; the Dark Web is indeed a smarmy place and unknown to many people, mostly used by not-so-nice folks.

I took the plunge and went through the triple scan, which has many opportunities to sign up for this (at only  X dollars a month) or that (at a different X dollars per month). So it is a marketing tool as well as the free triple scan.

After I had completed the triple scan process — and it told me my report was ready — the screen seemed to be blank. I thought it was frozen.

I figured out after awhile they had sent the report to my email address. So, the next thing to be sure of is that you have kept track of the user name and password you created at the beginning of the triple scan interview. You will need that information to open the file sent you from Experian.

Again, a good thing to do if you want to know if there is anything going on about your social security number, phone number, or email, etc.

Just be alert and only sign up for what you truly want to buy and look for your report on your email and not on the Experian screen.

Rusti Leivestad, Thompson Falls

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