Idaho Falls an Emerging Cultural Capital

An old joke posited that Idaho has not one, but two capitals: Salt Lake City and Spokane. Boiseans rightly grimace at that suggestion, but they aren’t the only ones offended. Idaho Falls is emerging as a cultural capital in its own right, anchored by a formidable institution, the Museum of Idaho (MOI).

MOI features immersive regional, national, and international exhibits on history and science, such as “Bodies: The Exhibition.” It’s even more impressive, considering it’s a small-city nonprofit that receives very little government funding. True to its mission, MOI has brought the world to Idaho, and Idaho to the world. And now, it’s growing. A 26,000-foot expansion, nearly doubling the size of the current facility, will break ground in spring 2018. Among other things, the
larger space will allow the Museum to expand and modernize its Idaho and regional
history offerings.

But you don’t have to wait for the expansion to enjoy world-class exhibitions. MOI’s next traveling exhibit is “Dinosaurs in Motion: Where Art and Science Meet,” which runs from January 26 to April 22, 2018. The exhibit features 14 fully interactive dinosaur and bird sculptures, which visitors can manipulate via lever-and-pulley systems and remote controls.

To contribute to the Museum of Idaho’s new regional history exhibits, educational programs for underserved communities, or anything else, please call Nick Gailey at (208) 522-1400 or visit

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