The Montana Historical Society promotes an understanding and appreciation of Montana’s cultural heritage—past, present, and future.

MHS preserves Montana’s past for the future. Art, artifacts, memoirs, photographs, maps, personal and business records, oral histories, books, films, and manuscripts are among the treasures they hold and care for so that the accounts of the past will be available for future generations.

At the same time, MHS actively engages people of all ages in discovering Montana’s rich heritage. You can see world-class exhibits at Montana’s Museum, delve into your own past at the Research Center, read about great and little-known episodes of Montana’s history in Montana The Magazine of Western History, or explore the stories of historic buildings from Montana’s National Register listings. All year long MHS offers dozens of programs and events you can attend, or view them on the MHS YouTube channel. There are limitless opportunities for all to connect with our past. Visit the MHS website to discover more!

For over 150 years, countless people passionate about our state’s history have supported the Montana Historical Society. Contributions from people like you ensure that our heritage is preserved, that meaningful and real stories are told and that future generations are inspired by Montana’s fascinating history. You can help honor the legacy of Montana’s past, and meet the challenges of the future by making a gift to MHS.

Together, continue to preserve and share our Montana story. The MHS is not only about preserving history; it’s about joining hands to build the road ahead. It’s about encouraging civic engagement and honoring citizenship. It’s about sharing an appreciation for our rich past today–and for the future!

Get to know your Montana Historical Society and their plans for the future. Visit their website, and follow MHS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Please call them with your questions and comments—they’d love to hear from you!


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