Saving the Historic Central School in Roundup

In Montana, old buildings are a part of the state’s history. If we take care of our important old buildings instead of demolishing them, we can pass them down to our children and grandchildren as one way to pass on our heritage. The beautiful Central School in Roundup, Mont., is an example of a building that should be kept and repurposed.

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Kathryn Braund: Actor, Dog Trainer, Author

People living for 97 years have time for several careers. Kathryn Braund, who has reached that milestone, has had three solid careers and several minor ones, and she is still focused and busy as a writer.

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Montana Heritage Orchards

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” has been good advice for well over a hundred years. This little bit of wisdom has been lost on Montanans from pioneer days to the present time basically because locally grown fruit has been seemingly non-existent, especially to the central and eastern part of the state. Brent Sarchet, Montana State University Extension Agent of Lewis and Clark County, and Toby Day, Montana State University Extension Horticulture Specialist, have set out to change that.

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