Jack McNeel

Jack McNeel—Contributing Writer for Montana Senior NewsJack McNeel was born and raised in Idaho. His working career was spent with Idaho Fish and Game Department but after retirement he launched a career as a free lance writer and photographer for many publications, primarily about Native American subjects, hunting, fishing, and travel. He now lives in Hayden, Idaho.

A village of lights: Leavenworth, Washington during the Holidays

A Village of Lights: Leavenworth, Washington

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It’s been my good fortune to have traveled extensively during my lifetime, and much of that has taken place in the western U.S. from Alaska to Mexico. Some towns hold a special appeal and keep calling me back. Each state has probably two or three towns that hold that appeal. The small town of Leavenworth, Wash., has a particularly strong pull at Christmas.
The Iron Nun

The Iron Nun

One doesn’t normally think of a Catholic nun in terms of running marathons and Ironman competitions. Sister Madonna Buder is not only an exemption to those thoughts but may well be the best at her age to ever compete in the Ironman. Now at 88, she still travels around the country to compete in triathlons; thus the reason for her nickname.

Montana’s Blackfeet Reservation

The Blackfeet Reservation in northwestern Montana, just east of Glacier National Park, is the 13th largest reservation in the U.S. at about 1.5 million acres. Roughly 85 percent of the residents are Native Americans.
Montana Airbnb

Airbnb: Opening Homes to the New Economy

Montana seniors looking for extra revenue after retirement have found they don’t have to work too hard after all. They’ve opened their homes for Airbnb and tapped into a thriving economic industry: tourism.
Flathead Indian Reservation

Montana’s Indian Reservations: The Flathead

The Flathead Reservation, like many reservations, is home to more than one tribe, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. It may also be the most beautiful reservation in the country.