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Lost dog in Flathead

Giving All for Love of a Lost Dog

Fortunately for some members of the animal kingdom—especially for this lost dog—people’s love of critters transcends all the boundaries.
MSN-Maya Pedal

Dave Renfrow and the Amazing Bicycle Machines of Guatemala

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Most Montanans take for granted the ability to turn on a faucet and see water pour from a spigot or to illumine a room with a flip of a switch. Yet, in places such as the mountain villages of Guatemala, these commonplace amenities remain largely unattainable.
Story-Keeper Jane Renfrow

Story-Keeper for the Flathead: Jane Renfrow

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For Jane Renfrow, preserving the Flathead’s history isn’t just an engrossing pastime — it’s an unapologetic passion. Admittedly, though, she is fascinated by history in general.
Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

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We did plenty of things right for first-timers. But we also did plenty wrong. No matter, we acquired useful lessons along the way that other potential snowbirds might benefit from. For anyone pondering a southern migration for the first time, these five tips may prove helpful.
LIF-My name is Michelle and I think I am your daughter

My Name is Michelle, and I Think I’m Your Daughter

“When I saw the name on the return address, I thought the letter was from an old summer-camp friend that I’d lost touch with. But as soon as I began reading, I realized it wasn’t from her ... It was two pages long and included a photo of a pretty woman with her husband and two children. She also looked enough like her birth father to leave no doubt as to who she was.”
Empowereed Technophobe

Even A Technophobe Can Feel Empowered

Many of my friends Tweet and Instagram and can’t wait to download the latest app, but I’m content to continue emailing and limp along with my current operating system until communication with the outside world becomes no longer possible. That said, I can’t help but boast of the few times when I’ve Googled for—and discovered—advice on fixing household problems.
MSN 345 - When it comes to speed, no creature matches the peregrine falcon

When It Comes to Speed, No Creature Matches the Peregrine Falcon

Plunging into a vertical dive, called a stoop, and clenching its talons, the peregrine falcon streaks towards its target at speeds clocked between 180 and 240 mph. According to Jay Sumner, a falconer and raptor researcher, the impact of the blow approximates a 600-pound weight falling from the sky.
MSN 345 - HiHo Silver: It's OK to Go Gray

HiHo Silver: It’s OK to Go Gray

My mom was a 1945 war bride and raised me to believe that letting your hair go gray was as close as a woman could come to committing beauty suicide. Four years ago, my brother and I realized she was the only resident in her nursing home with brown hair. I was responsible for scheduling her hairdresser appointments and decided it was time for her hair color to be natural, despite her past sentiments on the subject. What eventually enabled me to go natural was the honesty required when seeing myself in a mirror.
Montana PEO Sisters

PEO Sisters: Women Helping Women Reach for the Stars

It’s hard to believe that a philanthropic group that has provided more than $300 million in financial assistance to over 102,000 women is practically unheard of throughout Montana and the U.S. But such is the case with the international organization known only by the initials P.E.O.