Fiddler and Philosopher: The Wit and Wisdom of Fiddler Mike Williams

Over the course of his musical career in Montana, fiddler Mike Williams has become something of a legend, well loved for his wit and good humor, his patient teaching style, and his impressive musical talent on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and guitar.

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Helena’s New Mayor, Wilmot Collins, Making History

Wilmot Collins, Helena’s new mayor, made history in November by becoming the first African-American to serve as mayor in Montana’s capital city. He unseated long-time and well-liked incumbent Jim Smith, a democrat. His victory has come with a little more fanfare and fame than expected.

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Johnny’s Gone to War: Songs of the Civil War

The new Old Folks at Home CD, Johnny’s Gone to War: Songs of the Civil War (Richard Baker, 2017), is a particularly timely album of music for anyone noticing how feverish and polarized our American political situation has become. In some ways, it seems we’re still fighting the Civil War.

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