Living in a Bees Paradise

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Bruce Auchly keeps bees around the Great Falls area. “Somewhere between 20 and 30 hives is about the most I can handle with a day job”
Montana Senior News — Von Reichert

Paul and Christiane Von Reichert Dig Into Life

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By GENEVIEVE JESSOP MARSH — Paul and Christiane von Reichert are some of the most dedicated urban farmers you’ll meet. They’ve convinced landlords to let them dig up apartment courtyards. They’ve grown veggies in community garden plots from Missoula to Kiel, Germany. They’ve traveled to friends’ yards in the Bitterroot to scratch out a little growing space. They’ve transported chickens in bicycle baskets to community gardens to fertilize in the fall (they also raised meat chickens in an apartment that didn’t allow pets). They’ve cured their onions on the porch of their third floor apartment.
Montana Senior News — Reclaiming Fire Lookouts and Dreams

Reclaiming Fire Lookouts and Dreams

By CATE HUISMAN — Each summer for the past four years, Chuck Manning and other members of the NW Montana Forest Fire Lookouts Association have generated somewhere between 900 and 1000 hours’ worth of donated work and in-kind value to preserve local fire lookouts.
Montana Senior News - Montana Pride

Montana Pride

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By AARON PARRETT — June is Montana Pride Month. LGBTQ Seniors Realize Progress, but Still A Ways to Go.
Mary Long Alderson Montana Suffragist

Mary Long Alderson: Montana Woman Suffragist

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We have Alderson to thank for being especially steadfast in working to gain women the right to vote, for encouraging women to be progressive, and for bringing forth the bitterroot as the state flower.