Smith Logging: A Step Ahead of the Woods

Even a few acres, when forested, need management to prevent infestations and fires. But an acre is a lot of land when you’re trying to maintain it, let alone 10, 20, 40 acres.

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Taxpayers on the Hook to Pay: Vote NO on I-185

The corporations bankrolling I-185 want you to believe that only tobacco corporations will pay if their initiative passes. That’s simply not true. It will create a huge, new permanent appropriation in the state budget without providing enough revenue to pay for it. Vote NO on i-185.

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Kathryn Braund: Actor, Dog Trainer, Author

People living for 97 years have time for several careers. Kathryn Braund, who has reached that milestone, has had three solid careers and several minor ones, and she is still focused and busy as a writer.

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