Lost dog in Flathead

Giving All for Love of a Lost Dog

Fortunately for some members of the animal kingdom—especially for this lost dog—people’s love of critters transcends all the boundaries.
Lost Art of Bobbin Lace

The Timeless Art of Bobbin Lace

The Appaloosa Lace Guild Preserves the Ancient Craft of bobbin lace, made by braiding and twisting threads into complex patterns.

Ozzie: Tribute to an Old Dog

"Love lives in an absurd little dog, A barrel held up by toothpicks...." This is a poem about an old dog named Ozzie
camping life

Reflections on Camping Life

I have had a good camping life. I have seen baby animals of all kinds, hiked a trail behind a bear, made friends with deer, and more.

Living in a Bees Paradise

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Bruce Auchly keeps bees around the Great Falls area. “Somewhere between 20 and 30 hives is about the most I can handle with a day job”