The Arbuckles Return in a Heartwarming Family Epic of Life and Loss in the Montana Plains

In the sequel to Montana author Russell Rowland’s highly acclaimed first novel, In Open Spaces, The Watershed Years picks up with the story of the Arbuckles, a ranch family in eastern Montana. When George Arbuckle, the patriarch of the family, dies from mysterious causes, Blake Arbuckle’s wife, Rita, immediately suspects Blake’s older brother, Jack, and their sister-in-law, Helen. Blake’s loyalty to his family won’t allow him to consider this a real possibility until the evidence becomes overwhelming. But proving it isn’t as easy as they hoped.

A finalist for the High Plains Book Award for fiction, The Watershed Years, takes readers on a journey to the Montana plains in the years following World War II. Amid stunning descriptions of the landscape, Russell Rowland spins a poignant tale of family conflict that effortlessly balances wit and conflict, set against the rugged ranchlands.

The New York Times called In Open Spaces “A family epic that has a muted elegance. . . . A gracefully understated novel.” And Michael Curtis of the Atlantic Monthly described it as “sage, humane, and immensely readable.” Rowland continues this tradition with a love for both his characters and Montana, making The Watershed Years a worthy sequel to his much-applauded debut. Rowland is also the author of Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey, and High and Inside.

The Watershed Years (ISBN 13: 978-1-59152-195-2, $15.99, Russell Rowland, 2016) is available at local bookstores and gift shops, through online retailers, or from Farcountry Press at 1.800.821.3874,

About the Author
Russell Rowland is the author of three highly acclaimed nov¬els, including In Open Spaces and High and Inside, as well as the non-fiction, Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey. He is co-editor of the anthology West of 98: Liv¬ing and Writing the New Ameri¬can West.

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