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Hormones Don’t Have to Make You Heavy, Says TOPS

Hormone levels can shift significantly during perimenopause and menopause

Three Simple Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow

Doctor Outlines Easy Changes That Can Vastly Improve Health, Happiness and Well-Being

American Red Cross

Live.Give.Life. youth program helps students make a difference during the summer months

Getting ready to quit smoking?

“Our research team is devoted to finding the best online tools for quitting smoking. So if you’re a smoker who’s getting ready to quit, I hope you’ll take the first step right now and join WebQuit,” said Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., the study’s principal investigator and a scientist who specializes in smoking cessation. “WebQuit provides online tools with the goal of helping you quit smoking and experiencing all the personal benefits that come with it.”

Five Steps to Help Stop Cataracts During Cataract Awareness Month

“Cataracts can be caused by a variety of sources, such as aging, nutrition, heavy metals and excess ultraviolet light,” affirms Dr. Edward Kondrot, founder of the Healing The Eye & Wellness Center. He is also the president of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association, and the clinic director of Integrative Medicine of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. “Most people think that you can only develop cataracts late in life, but cataracts can affect people as young as 40 years old. By changing your lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of developing a cataract later.” Here are five steps to stop cataracts:

Are We Experiencing an Epidemic of Vicarious Violence? Tired of Frivolous Dehumanization?

4 Ways to Put Dignity Back in Your Family’s Day

Three Simple Things You Can Do Today to Feel Better Tomorrow

“You put forth immense effort to try to haul yourself around and not only does it wear you out, it’s frustrating and you don’t get far.” King is a chiropractor and doctor of naturopathy specializing in homeopathic remedies, and author of The Healing Revolution (www.kingbio.com ).

Death by Calcium: Eight Myths That Could Cost You Your Life

“Yes, calcium is essential for bodily function, but as many non-mainstream healthcare practitioners have long known, there’s a real and grave danger in pumping excessive amounts of it into our bodies,” says Dr. Levy, author of Death by Calcium: Proof of the Toxic Effects of Dairy and Calcium Supplements (MedFox Publishing, 2013, ISBN: 978-0-615-88960-3, $29.95, www.deathbycalcium.com). “Believe it or not, most of the adult population has no need for significant calcium intake, and that need rapidly decreases with age.”

Does Your Face Reveal Your True Feelings?

Physician Shares 3 Ways It Can Lie About Us

Silver Sneakers Seeking Inspiring Fitness Stories

SilverSneakers is excited to introduce a new social media element to this year’s awards program. From the nominations, 10 honorees will be selected to share their inspirational stories on the SilverSneakers Facebook page. The 10 honorees symbolize the 10 years the award has been honoring inspirational SilverSneakers members. It will then be up to the Facebook community to vote and select the national award recipient and four finalists. Online voting will take place throughout the month of August and the winner and finalists will be announced in September.

Got a Headache? You’re Not Alone

Neurologist & Mind-Body Doc Shares Natural Migraine Prevention Tips

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

“Despite the immense scope of the problem, very little is spent on research to find better ways to manage pain. Chronic pain has become a disease in its own right for many patients,” says Komanchuk, a retired schoolteacher who now works as an educational writer and public relations assistant with Joy of Healing, an alternative healing modality.

Why Newly Proposed Nutrition Labels are Good* (with emphasis on the asterisk)

Physician-Chef Points Out the Pros, Cons of 3 Suggested Changes

Eight Simple Stressbusters for Tax Season and Every Season

Before you react to the next stressful event, first take 3 deep breaths and consciously release each breath slowly. If you have more time, try a relaxation technique, such as meditation or guided imagery, before deciding how to handle the situation.

Anti-Glycation: the Next Level in the Battle Against Aging

“Antioxidants fight inflammation caused by free radicals, which are largely created from external, environmental factors such as excessive sunlight or cigarette smoke. Glycation, though, damages from the inside out.”