Health and Wellness

Stamp Out Smoking: Tobacco-Free Living

Most of us know that smoking is unhealthy

Is Your Smile Worth Your Life? What You Need to Know Before Undergoing a Root Canal

they reveal the hidden dangers of root canals.

Parkinson’s disease: Understanding a Complicated Condition

We rely on our brains for every movement we make

5 questions you should ask your pharmacist

you should feel free to ask your pharmacist what to expect from the medication

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Home safety tips for a safe and happy winter season

Chimney fires, frozen pipes, ice dams, and water are destructive enemies

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Stop Drinking Calories: Lose 35 Pounds

But throughout most of man's history, water was the primary beverage.

Norovirus on the rise; take precautions now

Noroviruses are the most common of the viruses that cause gastroenteritis.

With diabetes, don't overlook yearly eye exams

Approximately one-third of these cases are undiagnosed.

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5 New Year's resolutions too simple to overlook

instead of selecting a huge resolution that will take months or years of dedication to achieve

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Getting Back in Action: Participation is Key to Recovery

“We have good data that people who engage in moderate activity improve their cardiovascular system,” Weinrich says. “That’s particularly true for people who have a stroke.”

How to Live Like Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo

Certified Life Coach Explains How to Circumnavigate Your Own Worst Enemy

Are you sneezing your way through 'the most wonderful time of the year?'

You may not want to admit it, but all the “Hark the Heralding” may cause you stress,

5 Tips for New Year’s Resolutions in 2015

Doctor Tells You How to Beat the Odds

3 Essential Ingredients for Your New Year’s Healthy Resolution

Regardless of the specific goal, people establishing resolutions to improve their health need to start with a foundation.

Holiday for One: Eight Strategies for Navigating the Holidays Solo (and Dealing with Your Heartache!)

In Still I Love, Avalon tells the compelling story of her three marriages and divorces