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How Do You Handle Life’s Detours?

Wise Decisions Can Start With Noticing Silver Linings, Says Celebrity Host

EverSafe’s Top 10 Tips for Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Joint accounts also make your resources subject to the joint account holder’s creditors in the event of liens.

Why Communication Is The Oxygen That Keeps Relationships Alive

Daily ‘Check-Ins’ Can Get Couples Talking, Psychologist Says

How Do You Handle Life’s Detours?

Wise Decisions Can Start With Noticing Silver Linings, Says Celebrity Host

Are Women’s Fitness Programs Outdated?

Celebrity Trainer Says Most Women Benefit From A Comprehensive Approach

This July Fourth, Declare Your Independence from Overeating: Nine Tips to Help You Maintain a Balanced Diet at the BBQ

Here are nine of Honeycutt's tips for staying on track this July Fourth:

Simple steps that help people with diabetes keep their feet healthy

“The CDC says the occurrence of diabetes-related foot and lower-leg amputation has decreased by 65 percent since 1996,” says American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) President Dr. Frank Spinosa. “Working together, podiatrists and their patients with diabetes can reduce the number of amputations even more.

Marathons, Planks, and World Records, Oh My! Super Seniors Prove That It's Never Too Late to Get Fit (and 10 Tips to Help You Get Started)

And who can forget Jack LaLanne, known as the godfather of fitness, who repeatedly accomplished incredible feats of strength and endurance well into his sixties—and beyond? (When was the last time you towed 70 rowboats a mile through strong currents and winds...while handcuffed and shackled?)

Nine Brain-Aging "Sins" That Kill Your Competitive Edge

There are many "Michaels" out there, says Marcel Daane, a performance expert who synthesizes best practices from nutrition, exercise, and neuroscience. As demands grow and resources shrink,

Say Hello to Healthy New Favorites: Five Food Substitutions You'll Love

Fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert Warren Honeycutt shares healthy (and still tasty) alternatives

Exposing The Health Industry’s Big Secret

4 Ways To Gain Perspective On Your Chronic Headaches

6 Factors That Make For Extraordinary Friendships

Numerous scientific studies show that developing friendships is an essential ingredient to a healthy life.

Get Lean for Life, Starting Now: How to Kick Off Healthy Mental, Nutritional, and Physical Change

Honeycutt practices what he preaches. A respected expert in weight loss, fitness, and nutrition, he is a championship bodybuilder who has been a Southern Classic Physique Champion, two-time Mr. Tennessee, and six-time Mr. America finalist. Now, at age 62, he enjoys perfect health without any prescription medications. Honeycutt offers personalized fitness training through his comprehensive Get Lean program, which features detailed fitness videos for exercising at the gym, at home, at the office, and while traveling; personalized meal plans; motivational material; and more.

Podiatrist’s 5 secrets to happier feet this summer

5 secrets to healthy feet

How to Brave the Buffet On Memorial Day: Nine Tips to Help You Not Pig Out—But Still Have Fun

Here's the good news, says Warren Honeycutt: There's no need to spend the party miserably cozied up to the boring veggie tray. You can have your cake and eat it too—it's just a matter of balance and sustainability.