HiHo Silver: It’s OK to Go Gray

My mom was a 1945 war bride and raised me to believe that letting your hair go gray was as close as a woman could come to committing beauty suicide. Four years ago, my brother and I realized she was the only resident in her nursing home with brown hair. I was responsible for scheduling her hairdresser appointments and decided it was time for her hair color to be natural, despite her past sentiments on the subject. What eventually enabled me to go natural was the honesty required when seeing myself in a mirror.

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Dousing the Flames: No Single Solution for Wildfire Management

As we approach the 2018 wildfire season, we wonder what can we learn from last year. How did last year’s fires blow out of control? Why couldn’t we stop them? What can we do differently this year? Unfortunately, no easy answers exist for these questions.

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