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University Heights — A Failed Experiment

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By SUZANNE WARING — Frank Lloyd Wright rarely referenced the failed University Heights Community Orchard project. He went to the area only once, drew up the plans, sent them West, and carried on with his career without ever looking back.
Montana Senior News — Calm in Venanda

Calm in Venanda

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By SUZANNE WARING Throughout the country, urban sprawl gobbles up smaller communities. Highways are jammed with cars. Construction of new highway lanes to ease traffic… Read More »Calm in Venanda
The Arbuckle family has lived in Carter county since 1898.

Remembering the Arbuckles

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Kay Arbuckle Reflects On History of Her Southeastern Montana Family. They've lived in Carter county since 1898.
Central School in Roundup Montana

Saving the Historic Central School in Roundup

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In Montana, old buildings are a part of the state’s history. If we take care of our important old buildings instead of demolishing them, we can pass them down to our children and grandchildren as one way to pass on our heritage. The beautiful Central School in Roundup, Mont., is an example of a building that should be kept and repurposed.
MSN 345 - Big Sky 55+

Senior Advocates for Montana: Big Sky 55+

Montana has the third oldest population in the country, behind New Hampshire and Maine. Just as surprisingly, Montana has not had a group that advocates for senior issues for about 10 years, when the Montana Senior Citizens Organization fell by the wayside. Over the course of the past year, a group of resourceful seniors, led by Northern Plains Resource Council stalwart Pat Sweeney, have been forming a group to advocate for senior issues—Big Sky 55+.