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Dave Renfrow and the Amazing Bicycle Machines of Guatemala

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Most Montanans take for granted the ability to turn on a faucet and see water pour from a spigot or to illumine a room with a flip of a switch. Yet, in places such as the mountain villages of Guatemala, these commonplace amenities remain largely unattainable.
Story-Keeper Jane Renfrow

Story-Keeper for the Flathead: Jane Renfrow

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For Jane Renfrow, preserving the Flathead’s history isn’t just an engrossing pastime — it’s an unapologetic passion. Admittedly, though, she is fascinated by history in general.

Smith Logging: A Step Ahead of the Woods

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Even a few acres, when forested, need management to prevent infestations and fires. But an acre is a lot of land when you’re trying to maintain it, let alone 10, 20, 40 acres.
Paradise Found

Paradise Found

Where Art, History, and Community Thrive. Paradise Montana is nestled in the rugged, mountainous northwest part of the state. It was once the home of a large Northern Pacific Railroad roundhouse, a tie plant, and an elementary school for the children of the railroad employees.
UM Observatory Hosts Summer Stargazing Nights

UM Observatory to Host Summer Stargazing Nights

Community members are invited to explore planets, nebulas, star clusters and distant galaxies throughout the summer during stargazing nights at the University of Montana’s Blue Mountain Observatory.

Montana’s Blackfeet Reservation

The Blackfeet Reservation in northwestern Montana, just east of Glacier National Park, is the 13th largest reservation in the U.S. at about 1.5 million acres. Roughly 85 percent of the residents are Native Americans.
MSN 345 - When it comes to speed, no creature matches the peregrine falcon

When It Comes to Speed, No Creature Matches the Peregrine Falcon

Plunging into a vertical dive, called a stoop, and clenching its talons, the peregrine falcon streaks towards its target at speeds clocked between 180 and 240 mph. According to Jay Sumner, a falconer and raptor researcher, the impact of the blow approximates a 600-pound weight falling from the sky.