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Lost dog in Flathead

Giving All for Love of a Lost Dog

Fortunately for some members of the animal kingdom—especially for this lost dog—people’s love of critters transcends all the boundaries.

Ozzie: Tribute to an Old Dog

"Love lives in an absurd little dog, A barrel held up by toothpicks...." This is a poem about an old dog named Ozzie
Living with Moose in Sandpoint, ID

Living with Moose: Adopting a Tulip-Free Lifestyle

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When we bought our house in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2002, there were no moose, and there were a lot of tulips. People who lived outside of town had to build fences to protect their gardens, but not us. We had bugs and slugs. That was it. Moose lived out in the woods where moose belonged, and we rarely spotted them.That changed one snowy morning.
Fall is Bat Season in Montana

Fall — Montana’s Batty Time of Year

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Fall is a time of year when bat observations are common in Montana. This time of year young bats are attempting to take care of themselves, some bats are beginning long migrations to warmer climates, and some bats are grounded by disease or illness.
MSN 345-Furry Critters Senior Cats

Senior Cats “Purrfer” Mature Households

Senior kitties are often overlooked at adoption centers and may find themselves housed in shelters for months at a time. Mature pet people will quickly form a close bond with an older, wiser kitty that offers laser-focused attention and devotion.